Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My article on school food politics is out!

I have just had appear my article "Why Education Researchers Should Take School Food Seriously." The piece is in Educational Researcher this month (volume 40, issue 1, pages 11-15). Look for it at your local university library or you can go to your local public library and ask the reference desk to have them do an "interlibrary loan" to have it sent to you.

Here's the summary:

"Food and eating in schools have most often been thought of as utilitarian parts of the day, as distractions, and, for education researchers, as lacking incentives to study or even as objects of derision rather than serious concern. Yet there are good reasons why scholars of education should consider food and food practices. These include the confounding influences of school food’s impact on health and on academics, its effects on teaching and administration, the role schools play in teaching about food, implications for the environment and for other species, the large sums of money involved, the window that food provides into identity and culture, food’s influence on educational policy and politics, and the social justice concerns around food."

Jamie Oliver is taking it to the streets

I have to say, this is pretty cool stuff. I'm impressed with his creativity in getting his message out.